Our Services

Our Services

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General Office Cleaning

Our customized office cleaning programs are designed to meet your personal needs. Our skilled office cleaners are diligent workers, attentive to your needs, and take pride in the performance they provide.

Residential Cleaning & Apartments

We offer comprehensive cleaning services that can reenergize your home and enhance your life.
Our services are skill-fully executed under strict supervision and proficiency at each location thus guaranteeing Quality and value added services.
Our residential cleaning areas include Bedroom Cleaning, Bathroom Cleaning, Living Room Cleaning, Kitchen Cleaning and Garage Cleaning among others.

Sports & Entertainment Sector Cleaning

We pride ourselves in offering flexible cleaning solutions to various event platforms and delivering customized services to suit the operations of our clients.
We work around your ever changing schedules and demonstrate flexibility in providing our services exactly when you need them regardless of the size of your event.
We cater for different major events including sports activities in stadiums, movie theatres, & much more.

Hospitality & Leisure Sector

Maintaining a spotless image to guests and patrons is imperative in hospitality.
Our team possess the expertise needed to keep your facility pristine.
We provide unique cleaning services that enhance the reliability, hygiene, safety and comfort of our client’s environments, ultimately
leading to wider health and hospitality outcomes.

Healthcare Sector

With so much at stake, the cleaning needs of healthcare facilities are unique from all other institutions. They require the expertise of janitorial specialists dedicated to ensuring a throughly cleaned, sanitized and disinfected

Delivering consistent results across the complete range of healthcare cleaning needs.

Post Construction Sector

S & T Cleaning Services Ltd is the best choice for post construction cleaning Services for pre-construction, remodeling and post-construction projects. Our post construction cleaning service crew covers the full range of cleaning services, from builders cleans to sparkle cleans, tailored specifically to the construction industry and ensuring a hygienic and conducive dwelling for your occupancy.
We offer high dusting cleaning, vacuuming, sweeping and moping plus door frame, Baseboard and blind cleaning.

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